Back in the Day
What was it like to live in Granite Falls in the 19th or 20th Century? Once or twice a month, we give you a glimpse of Granite Falls via stories found in the pages of the Granite Falls Record or photos and documents found in the Granite Falls Historical Museum collection.

The stories also appear in the modern-day Mountain Loop Express (local online newspaper). Pick a story from the list below and go back in time with us.

Six Degrees of Separation

PILCHUCK lost in time
First in 112 Years
Pure Mountain Water
Got Plates?
Searching High School Yearbooks
Monte Cristo re-opening
Big Four Inn
It's all about Research
History Buzz
History Detectives
Green Gables

Historical Mapping System Description
Granite's Electric Company
Skiing Pilchuck
Where the Heck is Pilchuck, WA?
. . . the Rest of the Story . . .
Railroad Reunion Days . . . Again!
Bridges for State Archves
It's Time for the Fair!
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight!
It's not just a shingle . . . it's history!
A Trip to Big Four and the Ice Caves
What Came Before Community Transit?
Building Snohomish County
Blue Pool? Never heard of it!
Where was the depot?
This is Mississippi, calling Granite Falls . . . over!
Finding the Fish Farm Founder
Leggo My Legos!
An Old Friend
Where the heck is Robe WA?
Where do we catch the School Bus?

Leaving Granite
Early Iron
Stanley St (cont'd)
West Stanley St
Archives Month (large file submitted to State Archives)
South Granite Ave
Town Marshal Duties
Built Like a Brick Schoolhouse
First Downtown Schoo
Union Hall
Four Minute Men
Photo Forensics Solve History Mystery
Cavaleros Corner
110 Years of Change (Police)
100 Years of Fighting Fires
Is There a Granite (water)Falls?

E&MC Construction, Part 1
E&MC Construction, Part 2
E&MC Construction, Part 3
Local Civil War Veteran
Roesiger Diaries - Part 1
Roesiger Diaries - Part 2
Roesiger Diaries - Part 2a
Roesiger Diaries - Part 3
Roesiger Diaries - Part 4

It is a Bridge!
Fish Don't Get Mail
First Granite Falls Girl
Granite Falls Electric Company
Jordan Coal Company
City Hall
Car Show

Shopping in 1922
Boys on their Bikes
Many Hotels In Granite Falls
My How Times Change
Some things never change
Tunnel No. 1
Using Your Phone for History
Waldheim Slide
We love a great car

A Donkey is a Donkey!
When Granite was a Railroad Town
100 Years of Pomp and Circumstance
After Trains, Before Transit
Let's Go to the Fair!
How High Can You Go?
There's an App for That!
Gateway to the Loop